The black technology of the fitness circle-the fascia gun, is it really useful?

Time:2020-06-10 13:45:57

Recently, a relaxation artifact has been popular in the fitness circle, that is, the "fascia gun", from the beginning of 3,000 to 4,000 pieces to hundreds of pieces. An indispensable part of exercising after relaxation, in addition to alleviating the fatigue of high-intensity exercise and relaxing muscles, it can also give muscles a full rest and reduce pain. Before the fascia gun came out, there were already a lot of relaxation equipment. The foam shaft is undoubtedly more classic, and there are the previous fascia balls. These relaxing equipments need to control their own strength. Most people feel that the muscles will still feel nervous if they are not relaxed enough. The popularity of the fascia gun is that it relies on a strong sense of vibration to relax the muscles. In addition, many people also think that buying a fascia gun will look more professional.

Is the fascia gun useful? Is it worth buying? Let's discuss today.

Fascia gun

The full name of the fascia gun is "muscle fascia relaxation massage gun", which uses its internal high-speed motor to drive the "massage head" to generate high-frequency vibrations to the deep layer of the muscle, to reduce local tissue tension, relieve pain, and promote blood circulation. .

I first learned that the fascia gun is in rehabilitation therapy (DMS), which is specifically used to relax the fascia and relax the tight muscles. At that time, the machine was an imported all-metal tool similar to the asphalt road. Every long time, some plastics appeared, until now the shape of a gun.

Fascia gun relaxation principle

After the fitness exercise, the muscles feel tight, and the muscle joints will be tighter, just like the muscles are fastened in one place. When the muscles want to be stretched out, they not only feel pain but also a sense of restraint. The role of the fascia gun is to disperse the tight muscle fascia, so that there is no sense of restraint after fitness exercise, and the muscles will stretch more freely.

Can fascia gun relax muscle aches

The first thing to understand is why the muscles are sore. When the fitness is finished, the muscles are out of tension, causing the increase in metabolic activity. When the muscles are metabolizing activities, they will produce metabolites. This is often the case with lactic acid. The production of metabolites will cause painful cells in the muscles. Such pain causes the muscles to continue to contract, resulting in tissue ischemia. Damaged muscle fiber cells cause ischemia and cause insufficient ATP supply, which is not conducive to local circulation; on the other hand, it will reduce the oxygen supply of muscle fiber tissue, increase the damage of muscle fiber and form a vicious cycle, and eventually produce a metabolic crisis of energy.

After the metabolic crisis occurs, a number of tension muscle fibers will be formed to form a tension cable, causing pain points. Sometimes the soreness of our muscles is not the damage of the entire muscle. It is likely that the muscle pain caused by a nodule in the middle of this muscle.

The fascia is the connective tissue attached to our muscles and subcutaneous tissues. After a long period of exercise, the sympathetic nerves will be particularly active. When the muscles are static, they will be tense and stiff, which causes the fascia to adhere.

The fascial gun uses high-frequency vibration to break up the muscle tension and reduce the accumulation of lactic acid. In this process, you will feel very relaxed. The fascial gun is very suitable for the relaxation of large muscles, but if it is for the muscles Nodules, small pain points, and professional treatment is relatively safe.

The principle of the fascia gun comes from deep muscle stimulator (DMS). It is an effective method for treating soft tissue pain introduced from the United States in recent years. It acts on deep muscle tissue through mechanical vibration to stimulate its proprioceptive function, which in turn Effectively relieve muscle tension, so as to achieve the purpose of pain relief. The maximum vibration frequency of the deep muscle stimulator is 3600 times per minute, and the depth can reach 20 ~ 60mm to directly hit the lesion, which can effectively relax the muscle spasm. It can also be used when you cramp.

Precautions for use of fascia gun

1. The fascia gun is used to relax muscles. The bones like elbows, knees, head and back of the hand can not be relaxed with the fascia gun. Such use is like hitting your bones. , It will cause a lot of pressure on bones and tendons.

2. Where there are large arteries such as our neck, under the armpits, abdominal cavity and other parts close to blood vessels and organs, you cannot use the fascia gun to strike.

3. The use time of the fascia gun is not as long as possible. It is recommended that you use it for about 10 minutes on average.

4. It is not recommended to try for personally modified fascia guns. You can't guarantee the safety of the manual version of the fascia guns you modified, and you can't get security guarantees.

How to choose a fascia gun

There are many types of fascia guns on the market, ranging from hundreds to thousands, but how do you choose, what type of general fitness do players need?

Current fascial guns are generally equipped with 4 or 6 massage heads. The flat head, small round head and large round head are suitable for the relaxation of the muscles of the whole body, and the spine head is suitable for the massage of the spine. The bullet is aimed at the trigger point. The choice of the fascia gun depends on these three points.

1. Impedance frequency

When the machine stops running, we will exert pressure on the massage head. If the fascia gun is easily stuck, it is that the resistance frequency is not enough. The relaxation frequency of the fascia gun is lower than a specific value, and it will not play a good role. Relaxing effect.

2. The hardness and burrs of the massage head

Due to the difference in material selection and manufacturing process, the massage head will be soft and hard. Use your thumb to press the sponge head if there is no elasticity. When using Yu Ao, be careful not to rub your skin

3. The sound when the motor is running

Every fascia gun uses vibration to relax muscles. Because the core components are rotating, when the fascia gun is running, if the internal parts do not match or are rough, the sound will become loud, and it will be shocking, and the shelf life will be very short, maybe 3 The month will be unusable; in addition, the loud sound will affect other people.

You can combine these 3 points to choose the fascia gun. For other points, you do n’t need to pay attention to what Bluetooth connection, these are not needed. The fascia gun is just used to relax the muscles, as long as it can achieve this effect, Then it is good.

What kind of person needs a fascia gun

1. Competitive requirements

For example, a boxer or a football player can use a fascia gun to relax muscles during the intermission of the game to prevent injuries and have better sports performance.

2. Auxiliary use of rehabilitation therapist

Rehabilitation therapist refers to a person who is qualified, has studied and thought about knowledge, obtained the relevant certificate, or knows how to carry out rehabilitation treatment. Knowledge for professional treatment.

3. High-intensity trainers

Some barbell trainers in the gym have muscle soreness after completing high-intensity training. The general stretching and foam shaft relaxation cannot deeply relieve and relax the muscles. The fascia gun can be said to be a good choice. The general fascia gun has 3 different gears. For different degrees of muscle relaxation, some higher-priced fascia guns will have 5 gears, designed for professionals. While other sports and fitness people, usually pay attention to stretching and other relaxation activities can meet a rest of our muscles.

to sum up

The popularity of the fascia gun reflects the importance of fitness people on muscle relaxation. For some large strength trainers, muscle relaxation and rest have an important impact on improving sports performance. The fascia gun uses an internal high-speed motor to drive the "massage head" to generate high-frequency vibrations to the deep layers of the muscles, which can relieve muscle tension to a greater extent. However, pay attention to some details when using the fascia gun, and do not use it on bones and near blood vessels. In addition, the average fitness athlete can actually do not need to choose a fascia gun, just do stretching after training and relax the foam shaft.

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