Is the weight loss effect of treadmills and spinning bikes good?

Time:2020-06-10 13:36:19

Some people may ask which fitness and weight loss effect is good in the gym, treadmill and spinning? First of all, let’s make sure that the effect of fitness (including sports weight loss) does not depend on a certain sports equipment or equipment, but depends on training The person itself. In addition, no sports equipment or equipment can directly determine whether the effect is good or not. To evaluate the quality of their exercise effects, they must be combined with the trainer's own situation to have practical significance.

  Assuming the weight of the trainer is 60kg, then a spinning bike can consume about 720 kilocalories in 1 hour, and a treadmill can consume about 240 kilocalories in 1 hour (no gradient, 6.4 kilometers per hour). But if the slope is increased to 10%, the calorie consumption can be doubled. It seems that the spinning bike consumes more energy per unit time. However, in actual operation, the spinning bike also has a level of exercise intensity, including the gear set during riding, which will affect the actual heat consumption. If you increase the speed and slope when running, the energy consumption is also very high, such as 60kg body weight, 8 kilometers per hour, 10% slope, and 720 kilocalories per hour.

That is to say, the energy consumption per unit time of treadmills and spinning bikes is related to the trainer's weight, exercise intensity, and the set equipment difficulty level. The above theoretical figures can be used as a reference, but it should not be absolute. To conclude which equipment is better or worse for fitness. From a fitness perspective, the best for you is the best. So what is right for you?

  warm up. Before starting each formal exercise, a warm-up period of 10 minutes is required. Jogging on a treadmill for a while or riding on a bike for a while is a good way to warm up. Both can achieve the purpose of starting the heart and lungs and allowing the body to enter a state of exercise. Therefore, from a warm-up perspective, there is no even difference.

Is the weight loss effect of treadmills and spinning bikes good?

   Lose weight. If running or spinning is used as the official training content of each exercise, from the perspective of weight loss, as mentioned earlier, the comparison of the heat consumption value is not significant. Judging from the actual sports situation, the treadmill is generally used by the trainer to run on it. If the rider is also playing there by the rider, then the effect of the treadmill is better in experience. Because on the treadmill, due to the continuous movement of the conveyor belt, the runner is forced to keep up with the rhythm, and it is also convenient to talk to others (of course, the intensity cannot be too low), and it is relatively concentrated. But friends who play spinning on their own, because they are riding in the car, it is convenient to play mobile phones and chat, and they will unconsciously lower their intensity (such as sliding) when they are tired, just like they are tired when riding outdoors , Starting to glide the same.

Is the weight loss effect of treadmills and spinning bikes good?

Judging from the current living conditions of most Chinese urban residents, there is almost no room for a gym, and a treadmill or spinning bike is not a "small guy", and it will inevitably occupy a small size. local. It's fresh at first, and it doesn't hurt. After a long time, it is not used much (large probability). At that time, it was a pity to want to throw it. Finally, the treadmill or spinning bike is reduced to debris, which is used to accumulate dust, pile up items, hang clothes, and rust.

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