Keep these points in mind when running on a treadmill, otherwise you are all running in vain

Time:2020-06-10 11:13:36

In fact, everyone knows that many girls are eager to lose weight and run on the treadmill as soon as they get to the gym. One shot can't stop being old. In fact, this is not the best way to lose weight. The body's energy reserves have fast energy-glycogen and stored energy-fat. When you start running, fast energy is first mobilized. Only when the rapid energy consumption is almost the same, the body will mobilize reserve energy and mobilize fat. The scientific running method is: first carry out related strength training, consume most of the glycogen, after all, running for a long time is very boring and boring.

Fat as a reserve energy can only be mobilized after glycogen is consumed. Theoretically, about 20 minutes is the time when fat begins to mobilize and participate in providing energy. If you only run for 20 minutes, stop running when fat is mobilized, and you will not be able to burn fat. the goal of. This is why people often say that running less time and running multiple times is worse than running a long time less often.

  Some people do not drink beverages, but they bring some so-called secret supplements. Such as: chrysanthemum tea, herbal tea, etc., these herbal herbal teas are not high in energy, but the taste is not good, so honey will be added. Although honey is a good summer health drink, but too much is added. There is a problem of excessive energy supplement.

Keep these points in mind when running on a treadmill, otherwise you are all running in vain

Beverages sold in supermarkets can be roughly divided into three categories (usually around 350 ml in a bottle): 60 kcal, 120 kcal and more than 200 kcal; 60 kcal is low energy, the most common is about 120 kcal; 200 Thousands of calories are more common in energy drinks such as glucose drinks. And we jog on a treadmill (speed 8-9 meters per hour) consumes about 500 kilocalories of energy in one hour. If you drink a 350 ml bottle of glucose drink, it means that you have run for about half an hour in white! Running fast on the treadmill, sweating and panting. This time the running time does not last long, and more importantly, no fat is consumed. The human body's energy system has two types of anaerobic prophosphate and glycolysis, aerobic sugar and aerobic oxidation of fat. Insufficient oxygen supply for fast running, the body can only perform anaerobic energy supply, so fat cannot participate in energy supply, so only low-intensity exercise can be aerobic exercise, and fat can be mobilized as energy supply and consumed.

  The correct running posture is the condition to get the best running weight loss, and it is also a prerequisite to prevent injury. If you get injured because of a run, then you are running in vain. The correct posture of the treadmill should be: raising the legs and striding, the soles of the feet, and the heels sliding on the ground. It should be noted that the body should remain upright, not lean forward, and should not run in a jumping manner.

Keep these points in mind when running on a treadmill, otherwise you are all running in vain

   For weight loss, morning running is a good aerobic weight loss exercise. This is because after a night of sleep, the body has consumed a lot of glycogen, which is conducive to fat mobilization. In order to avoid the problem of low blood sugar, just add a small amount of sugar, such as about 5 grams of sugar water. If you plan to do a weight loss morning run and eat a rich breakfast or run on an empty stomach when you wake up, you may run away in vain.

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